Sunday, 13 May 2012


The smart bord is very use full.We can do mental maths in it.It is very costly.It has a pen that works like  mouse.There are wires to conect it.With out the electricity it can't work.Smart bord is like computer.It is also conected to the comuter.Smrt bord is in a shape of rectangle.It is very large.


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My weirdest dream one day I was sleeping and suddenly I got a dream in that I was sleeping and a ghost came in my dream and I thought that I wake up but I wasn’t then I went forward and then and see the same ghost and I ran In my home then I find a person and I went to him but he was a ghost I again ran out of the home and then I fall down and they were coming very fastly and I get heart and then also I ran very fastly after that I hide there also they came and they catch me and take me to the main ghost there they told to kill me and they shake me but really my mom was shaking me and I wake up and told to my mom


i like the activity because in that ilearnd how our body stands and how we can bend how we can stand ,how we can move and i like the activity so much and it was very intresting.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Horrid Henry - Book review

I have read a Horrid Henry book. In that, Horrid Henry doesn't like to go to a place called Polis.  He wants to go to Raphe. So, he behaves were badly. Like, he does vomiting. I like the book very much. Initially, it is a bit boring. But, in the middle and the end it is very good because they go to placse like a shopping mall to buy some food and they go to Raphes.